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    One-click Kittens

    This extension demonstrates a 'browser action' with kittens.This app will display some kitte...

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    PPLZ Right Click Uploader

    Закачка картинок и видео правой кнопкой мыши на pplz.ruЗакачка картинок и видео правой кнопкой мыши...

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    One-click Image-Subbuzz

    This extension creates an Image-Subbuzz from online photo services.This extension creates an image s...

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    Easy Click by SGshop

    Easy Click by SGshop, website:http://www.sgshop.comDirectly add items to SGshop shopping cart. Eas...

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    1-click Amazon Bitcoin checkout

    Shop on Amazon, pay with Bitcoin through All4btc.comTurn Amazon into a Bitcoin Mega Mall! Select pro...

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    Care to Search by Care to Click

    Find product deals within search results!Make ‘good purchases’ every time you shop online. When you...

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    Amazon 1-Click Lock

    Adds an extra step to the Amazon 1-Click to prevent accidental purchasesAmazon 1-Click Lock: - Prot...

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    Mindful Click

    Get personalize ethical rankings on athletic shoes! Don't just buy a shoe that feels good; buy...

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    3-Click Ordering

    Stop spending money on Amazon!Project for MHacks 9 This extension allows you to set a daily disposa...

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    1-Click Amazon Discounts

    Find discounts QUICKLY on Amazon.comFinally! Here's an extension that not only finds great Amazo...