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    Click Clean Scorecard

    Which of your favorite websites are building a greener Internet?Powering our digital lives uses a lo...

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    Click and Clean

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    Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more

    Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!Click...

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    Clean IAP List

    Hides deleted IAP from the listHide Deleted In App Purchase Items For iTunes Connect! This is a Chr...

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    Insane Clean IGG

    Cleans all non usefull stuff + removes addsIGG games clean adds

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    Messenger Clean Up

    Removes Facebook instant game notifications from and facebook.comInstant Game notifica...

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    Clean My Feed

    Filter facebook news feed1. Go to Facebook 2. Click "CleanMyFeed" 3. Enter some annoying w...

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    Pantip Clean Style

    เปลี่ยน เป็นสีขาว สบายตา เพราะความเผือกไม่เข้าใครออกใคร! กำเสื่อไว้พร้อมปูรับทุกมาม่า!เปล...

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    Reddit Clean Read

    A cleaner Reddit readerThe Reddit Clean Read extension performs simple styling to the reddit feed pa...