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    Dark Reader Dark

    Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.This is a clone of o...

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    • 1年前 22 次下载

    Digg Reader Dark

    Dark theme for Digg ReaderA dark theme for Digg Reader. Replaces the default theme. To disable the...

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    The Old Reader Dark

  • 3.78评分
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    Dark Theme for Google™

    A highly customizable dark theme for Google products (search, images, translate, and contacts)Dark T...

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    • 1年前 260 次下载

    Dark Octo Themes

    Apply different source code themes when viewing github repositoriesIf you use github extensively, bu...

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    GitHunt Dark

    A new tab page that displays the top trending GitHub repositories.Githunt-Dark is an extension that...

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    Github Dark theme One Dark with ligatures

    This package will change appearance of all Github pages to dark theme, mostly based on Atom One Dark...

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    Material Dark DevTools Theme

    A Chrome DevTools theme, which emphasizes materialism with dark colors.

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    DevTools Theme: NightLion Dark

    NightLion Developer Tools theme darkInstallation Instructions --------------------------------------...

  • 4.5评分
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    DevTools Theme: Gruvbox Dark

    Gruvbox Dark theme for Chrome DevtoolsRetro groove dark theme for Devtools. This is a theme for the...