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    Fresh Dom Tree View

    Web developers can inspect/edit the HTML DOM in an intuitive way - like a pine tree!Web developers c...

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    Fresh Flower

    Reflow tabs periodically if their titles match certain text. Tabs that are still flowing will not be...

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    New Tab - Fresh

    Beautiful photos every time you open a new tabGet inspired with a daily photo and quote. New Tab pag...

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    Fresh TFS

    Makes a TFS more user-friendlyHighlights tags in work-items list

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    Play the most recent track by a specified userThis extension open a new tab with the most recent Sou...

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    Fresh Air - A Simple Breathing Tool

    A minimal breathing tool that replaces your new tab page with a clear head.Fresh Air is a New Tab ex...

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    Fresh Search

    Google Advance Search in just One clickNo more clicking around in the Google Search Page to find the...

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    Fresh results

    Only show recent Google resultsAn easy way to filter search results by time. Select a time period t...

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    Fresh Ubuntu Search Results

    Get fresh Ubuntu search results! Filtered by past year.UPDATE: Version 2 is makes this extension gre...

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    Recipe Fresh

    Access recipes and more, all from one place!One Free Tab. Endless Recipes. Looking for creative, ta...