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    Google Search Infinite Scroll+

    Adds infinite scrolling, site icons and stick nav bar to top.Join my Google+ group (more extensions)...

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    Infinite Scroll for Google™

    Infinite Scroll for Google™ search results. Search faster, be more efficient.Just scroll to the end...

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    Threadless Infinite Scroll

    Replace the default pagination with infinite scroll. Makes it much easier to browse tons of products...

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    Designer News Infinite Scroll

    Scroll endlessly on Designer News without having to click 'Next' like some kind of savage.Vi...

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    Google Search Infinite Scroll

    Make Google search faster and comfortable with infinite scrollingMake Google search faster and comfo...

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    Infinite Search

    Get Infinite scroll in google, youtube, yahoo, bingIf you like infinite scroll in facebook, you will...

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    Infinite Viral

    Viral news all the time.Top 10 Reasons Only 90's Kids Won't Even Believe What This Extension...

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    DeviantArt Gallery Infinite Scroller

    Loads image previews in one page without going to next pagesUse scroll down for loading new previews...

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    BioShock Infinite Game HD Wallpapers New Tab

    Get newtab background theme with HD wallpapers for every fan of BioShock Infinite GameEvery day, on...