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    Easy Link Saver

    The easiest way to store and retrieve your frequently used links!You can now easily, and smoothly sa...

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    Link Saver

    an extension to download and save chrome tabsSimple app. Click refresh. Click on the "Web Page...

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    eBay Image and Page Saver

    Finds and saves large auction images and pages to your Downloads folder.In a single click, this exte...

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    Amazon Free Shipping Saver

    Quickly find and add products to get free/discounted shipping.Quickly add filler items to receive FR...

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    Saver Alert

    Helps you to earn cashback when shopping online with your favorite stores.Saver Alert is free and he...

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    Page saver

    Saves the current web page as one file with all external dependencies (style, script, images) downlo...

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    CSS Saver

    Tracks and save updates to element styles in the inspector window.CSS Saver is new innovative tool f...

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    CodeCode Ninja Snippet Saver

    Allows you to save snippets of code into CodeCode Ninja, to turn into flashcards.Stop looking up the...

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    Openload Saver

    A panel for save the web resource to your accountsave the video music images more easy t...

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    Images Batch Saver for Instagram™

    Downloads all Instagram™ pictures to computer in best qualityNo scrolling is needed! Images Batch Sa...