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    Geek Talk

    Open a new verse of the day artwork every day.இணைய தொழிற்நுட்ப செய்திகளை எளிய தமிழில், இலவசமாக, உடனு...

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    Pixel Talk

    Let's talk about the pixels in this pageCreate and share annotations on any web page. The annota...

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    Talk to the Hand

    Seeing your dumb friends post dumb things never made you happy. Now, it will never make you sad.Hide...

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    Godinterest Talk - Chrome Extension

    Godinterest Talk extension for Google Chrome provides commentary on God, Culture, Life and all that...

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    Последние актуальные темы SEO-форума для веб-мастеров и оптимизаторовПоследние актуаль...

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    GPGT (Got Picture Got Talk)

    Take screencap, grab picture or videos into Picasa or Imageshack and share them at any Forum with a...

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    Quick Talk - Free instant pronunciation

    This extension allows you to instantly hear the pronunciation of a word you may not know how to pron...

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    Zimbra Talk Screensharing

    A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Zimbra Talk.A simple ex...

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    Tweet Talk

    Explain what your extension doesInterested in what the experts are saying relating to the article yo...

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    Share screen of any application or entire screen or screen of any application running on your system...