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    Sikayda For Kijiji

    Sikayda watches Kijiji searches and notifies you when new ads are posted.FEATURES ======== QUICK A...

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    Kijiji Ad Reposter

    Bump up your Kijiji ad to the first page with the click of a button!Last updated on December 24, 201...

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    kijiji enhanced

    Make it easier to browse kijiji.caKijiji Enhanced allows users to rotate images a full 360 degrees,...

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    Kijiji+ Site Enhancer

    Enhance your Kijiji browsing with image rotation, CAPTCHA solver, infinite-scroll, ad-blocking, and...

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    No Kijiji Ads

    Remove the ads from the search results on kijiji.Remove the ads at the top of Kijiji search results.

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    Listing Maps for Kijiji

    Places a button beside each Kijiji listing, and will display the location on a map once clicked.Clic...

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    Improve & browsing experience### Features ### # ✓ Infinite Scrol...

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    Repost Now + Tweaks for Kijiji

    This extension will repost ad's instantly. A free bump-up to page 1.Updated & Working: April...