Kijiji Ad Reposter Chrome 插件

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Bump up your Kijiji ad to the first page with the click of a button!Last updated on December 24, 2017
Fully working on all product categories (including real estate!)

Limited time introductory price of $9.99!

This extension takes an ad that is on your Kijiji and after click the "repost" button:
- The old ad is deleted
- A new one with the same name is created

Please be mindful of the Kijiji posting restrictions (limits per category, number of posting per day, etc). You may get banned for reposting ads too often. The creator is not liable for any violations of the Kijiji Terms of Service. 

Feel free to try out this extension! If you have any problems, please do email me or request a refund :)
名称 Kijiji Ad Reposter
平台 Chrome
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作者 Maike Labs
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