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ChatGPT-powered free article summarizer. Read the best parts of every article. Skim the rest.Key Features:

- Saves time
Extracts key points from long articles, webpages, documents, essays, blogs  and more with just one click.
- No more fluff or distractions
Enjoy brief summaries and only deep-dive into sections that interest you most.

- Don't just read, understand! 
Our research-backed technique improves comprehension by breaking down long articles into smaller parts.
- No more superficial summaries
With our 'Read More' feature, dive deeper into the article for better understanding.

- Simple and Easy to Use
All you need to do is install the Chrome extension. No API keys needed.

Buried under a mountain of content? Gist AI is your reliable and Free online summarizer, crafting comprehensive summaries from even the most complex text.  It efficiently reduces long texts, like news articles, research articles, or blog posts, into shorter, easy-to-understand paragraphs. 
Our AI summary generator promotes focused reading by providing an overview of main ideas in a flash. Want more? Use the 'Read More' feature for a more detailed perspective when you need it.
Upgrade your reading experience with Gist AI today!
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