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Add a gray background to hamburguesa.netThe "Hamburguesa Background" Chrome extension is a lightweight tool designed to enhance the visual experience of the user while browsing the website This extension modifies the website's background by adding a uniform shade of gray, which creates a more streamlined and consistent interface. By removing any distractions or inconsistencies in the website's design, the user can focus on the content and information presented on the page.

The extension is easy to use and requires no configuration. Once installed, it automatically applies the gray background to the website whenever it is accessed. The extension does not collect or transmit any user data or personal information, and it does not interfere with any other functionality of the website.

Overall, the "Hamburguesa Background" Chrome extension is a simple and effective way to improve the user's browsing experience on by providing a clean and visually appealing interface.
名称 Hamburguesa Background
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