Kijiji+ Site Enhancer Chrome 插件

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Enhance your Kijiji browsing with image rotation, CAPTCHA solver, infinite-scroll, ad-blocking, and much more!Get ready to break-out into a happy dance once you start using Kijiji+ Site Enhancer.

- 4X speed boost with new integrated AD-BLOCKER
- 'Zen Mode' page layout removes distractions
- Infinite Scroll everywhere
- Rotate images in the gallery
- Sytle updates make site easier to read
- BIG shiny buttons instead of tiny text links for Navigation
- New [Post to Category] button instead of tiny text link
- 1-Click response messages
- Auto-fill your contact information when replying to poster
- 95% accurate CAPTHCA solver when replying to poster
- In-page Google Map preview for the 'Ad Details' and 'Ad Listing' pages
- Direct link to Google Maps Driving Directions

So many enhancements in such a tiny extension.
名称 Kijiji+ Site Enhancer
平台 Chrome
评分 5
评分人数 4
作者 twindual
插件主页 bluemooseit.com
版本号 1.1.0
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最好更新时间 2017-03-08 00:00:00