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    Clipboard Permission Manager

    Allows users to grant direct clipboard access to web pages that use the W3C Clipboard API.Clipboard...

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    Release Automation Permission Viewer

    This extension shows Release Automation permission view and reportingRelease Automation Permission v...

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    Permission Clean Link Clipper

    Permission Clean Link Clipper.「このサイトを共有したい」そう思ったときにタイトルとリンクが一度にコピ...

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    Manage Reddit Subscriptions

    Locally manages your Reddit subscriptions. Allows reddit tagging, filtering, viewing (single or mult...

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    Manage Downloads

    此扩展程序允许管理您的下载。扩展 "Manage Downloads" 显示所有可下载的文件。 有了这个扩展 &q...

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    Download Master: manage downloads for Chrome™

    Free Download Manager that lists downloadable links in webpage and lets you download them all in one...

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    Manage PDF Online - PDFfiller

    Instantly manage PDF online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere,...

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    Manage Tabs

    Save memory and keep tabs organizedSave lots of memory and use groups to keep your tabs organized....

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    Manage Tabs by Domain

    Close and gather same-domain tabs.Tabs with the same domain as the active tab can be closed with CMD...

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    Manage Quora Anonymous Links

    Keep track of your anonymous Quora links.It saves links automatically when you post new Quora Anonym...