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    Feedly Checker

    Feedly Checker is a Chrome app that adds a toolbar icon with a dropdown menu to notify you about unr...

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    Add to Feedly ™

    Easily Subscribe to RSS Feeds in FeedlyThis version is ADWARE FREE, it doesn't modify any link,...

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    This extension applies a new style to feedly.comDo you want a better looking feedly ? Are you tired...

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    Feedly hotkeys

    Disable feedly hotkeysYou can disable certain hotkeys at Feedly.com. Also extension provides multi-l...

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    Feedly Subscribe Button

    Easily Subscribe RSS and Atom Feeds to Feedly.Whenever this extension detects RSS or Atom feeds on a...

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    Feedly Plus

    Mark previous as read, unread counter in tab & icon, align articles left, bold categories, cards...

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    Multicolumn for Feedly

    Display feedly text in multi-column layout.An extension that changes the entries' display style...

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    Feedly Preview Window

    Open Feedly Links in a Preview Window using shortcut keyAre you a power user on Feedly, but annoyed...

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    Feedly Filters

    Add filters to feedlySetup filters to hide entries from Feedly that contain keywords/phrases. This...

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    Feedly Keys

    Feedly keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader usersThis extension enables keyboard shortcuts at the fe...