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    JScript tricks

    You can trick any page! Add your own JavaScript (powered by JQuery) and/or CSS to any page.#### App...

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    GPCSSE - G+ CSS Enhancer

    makes g+ not so uglyRestores native Google Plus font (Arial). UPD: now also decreases size of profil...

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    Live CSS Editor

    Live Write CSS onto any pageThis extension provides a text box on any HTML page so that you can writ...

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    CSS Peeper

    Extract CSS and build beautiful styleguides.? No more digging in a code. Inspect styles in a simple,...

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    CSS Dig

    Collect and analyze CSS.CSS Dig finds and groups stylesheets and style blocks on most websites, prov...

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    CSS Shapes Editor

    Interactive editor for CSS Shapes.Create and adjust CSS Shapes values with an interactive editor ove...

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    User CSS

    A quick and easy way to add custom CSS to the current web site.Insert your custom CSS code to the cu...

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    CSS remove and combine

    Removes unused selectors from all stylesheets on a page and combines the result into a single styles...

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    Alt CSS

    Alternate CSS Style Selector allows you to set an alternate style on pages which provide oneAlternat...

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    User JavaScript and CSS

    User JavaScript and CSS on any websiteUserscript's and userstyle's — simple extension to inj...