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    Gets information from Google.Направляющие линейки как в фотошопе. - разные цвета направляющих. - из...

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    LINER - Web/PDF Highlighter

    "LINER" helps you highlight sentences on the web. Highlight your favorite texts.LINER save...

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    给页面内的图片绘制三等分线、对角线等线条, 有助于分析构图.给页面内的图片绘制三等分线、对角线等线条,...

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    SK Liner

    Show line length in characters and words

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    Fatekaleid liner Prisma Illya Wallpapers

    Fatekaleid liner Prisma Illya Wallpapers for chrome new tabsOur extension Fatekaleid liner Prisma Il...

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    Break Liner

    Time killing an addictive game. Tap to break the lines, don't hit red lines. Have fun!Time killi...

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    Select Image for Genie Search

    This extension will find images to Pret A Styler.This extension allows member of Pretastyler to easi...

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    Check/Select all checkboxes (Ebay,Amazon,etc)

    You can check all checkboxes on Ebay, Amazon...This extension adds a new button named "Select...

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    X-Selector | Select link, action, value, area

    Allows to select a node in current page, and retrieves its current x-selector, usable in Schneider E...

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    Always Select

    Always Select prevents sites from disabling user selection via css.Always Select prevents sites from...