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    Chrome 操作系统证书注册

    为设备申请证书。This extension facilitates users enrolling enterprise Chromebooks via ADCS with Micr...

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    Traktflix - Netflix and together

    Sync Netflix history to Trakt.tv is an awesome service which helps you to track the s...

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    Netflix trailers

    Preview the movie(series) of Netflix using this Chrome extension to watch the youtube trailer.Watch...

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    Netflix Extended

    Little script for Netflix to skip intros, recaps and to always start next video.Features: Key bindi...

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    Netflix Flip

    Flip netflix to view comfortably in bed! Rotate to any angle, or view completely sideways.Netflix Fl...

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    Netflix Auto Mute

    Mutes Netflix's annoying autoplay trailers, but not films you actually choose to watch!When brow...

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    Netflix Rottenizer

    Overlays Rotten Tomato reviews when browsing Netflix.Takes critic and audience ratings from Rotten T...

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    Subtitles for netflix

    Display multiples subtitles for netflix!This extension enables multiple subtitles on netflix. Also a...

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    This Extension adds Rotten Tomatoes Critics and User Critics to movies whenever they can be matched....

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    Queue for Netflix

    Add queue functionality to Netflix (UK)Netflix for UK is instant only and they haven't provided...