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    BP Proxy Switcher

    7 plugins in 1:Proxy Switcher,Cookie Cleaner,Browser Agent Changer,URL blocker,Adblocker,Proxy auto-...

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    Best Proxy Switcher

    Use best proxy switcher with your proxy servers or let it download most recently checked list from o...

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    Set proxy server with one click! Visit, the best resource of proxy servers and set yo...

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    Loadgeneral Proxy Switcher

    This allows you to quickly change your proxy settings to the Loadgeneral proxy.This is a plugin that...

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    Jumbo Proxy Switcher

    Allows single-click selection of available proxy servers using Chrome's Proxy APIChanges your ge...

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    Random Proxy Switcher

    Cycles between proxies randomly every 60 seconds.This extension allows user to enter up to 4 proxy s...

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    Proxy Switcher

    Easily switch between multiple proxies via toolbar popupProxy Switcher is an addon that help you eas...

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    Proxy Switcher

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    Gist.IO Page Switcher

    Quickly switching between and pages.This extension adds a button IO, only se...

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    Account Switcher for eBay

    Simple extension that allows you to switch ebay accounts with a single click.All you have to do is s...