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    Social Muter

    An extension for easily removing or hiding tweets in your timeline with a certain hashtag or keyword...

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    TweetDeck Activity Muter

    This extension will block certain annoying users from appearing in the Activity column in TweetDeck....

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    xkcd Thread Muter

    A way to mute certain forum threads, hiding them from thread lists as well as making the thread post...

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    Comment Muter for YouTube™

    Hides the comment section of YouTube videos. If necessary they can be shown again by clicking the ex...

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    Notification Muter

    This extension will mute notificationsThis will block notifications and popups for all urls. It wil...

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    Twitch Muter

    Only plays audio of active twitch tabMutes inactive twitch tabs! If you ever have multiple twitch st...

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    Yandex Music Ad Muter!

    My first Chrome App.Выключает звук вкладки с яндексой музыкой во время рекламы на

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    Page Muter

  • 3.46评分
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    Tab Manager

    Quickly and conveniently manage your open tabsFunctionality: - Display all Tabs & Windows - Crea...

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    Metro New Tab Page

    A new tab replacement.12/31/2012 - No longer maintained, as I have moved on to other interests. Upda...