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    Social Network Sleep

    Redirects social networks to a soothing video from 10pm to 6am.Helps support health relationship wit...

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    Tab Sleep Timer

    Close the tab with your favorite series or any another streaming video/audio after the desired time...

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    Sleep On It = sentiment analysis for Gmail

    Have you ever sent an email and regretted it? Sleep On It uses sentiment analysis to block you from...

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    Go to Sleep

    Samuel L. Jackson reminds you when it's your bedtime. Story by Adam Mansbach.Sleep is essential...

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    Netflix Autoplayer - With System Sleep Timer

    Autoplays Netflix TV Shows - Shuts down computer when doneNetflix Autoplayer With Computer Sleep / S...

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    Global Index Watch - Stock Markets

    Watch how the global stock markets are doing at the touch of a button, literally..If you are interes...

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    Medium Index

    Create a chronological index of Medium postsHave you ever read a Medium post and thought "I&#39...

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    Organize Everything.Use the Index Chrome extension to quickly #index interesting ideas you find in t...

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    Webindexia's Multi-Index™ Lite

    Webindexia's Multi-Index Tool will enable an enhance results on your search.What is WEBINDEXIA™?...

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    AMZable - Keyword Index Checker

    Quickly and easily identify what product keywords Amazon finds relevant with a single click!Quickly...