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    PHP Console

    Display PHP errors & vars dumps in Google Chrome console and notification popups, execute PHP co...

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    PHP Ninja Manual

    PHP 5.5 documentation in a popupPHP 5.5 documentation in 8 languages always available right in your...

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    PHP Docs

    A PHP document is opened from a selection character string.Release Note Version 1.3 Support omnib...

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    PHP Offline Manual

    PHP offline documentation in a popupPHP 7 documentation in 8 languages always available right in you...

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    PHP shell

    Brings PHP to browserPHP Statements directly from Chrome Developer Tools PHP Shell put a cloud-base...

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    PHP Error Alert

    Shows a notification alert if there's a PHP error.Developers, never miss a PHP error again! Thi...

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    PHP Search

    Adds support to the omnibox to search the PHP reference docs.Use this omnibox plugin to directly sea...

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    PHP Search

    Search PHP documentation in the Omnibox.PhpSearch allows you to search PHP documentation from the om...

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    Faites une recherche facilement sur la doc PHP !Accès facile et rapide à la doc de PHP.

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    PHP Function Lookup

    Serch PHP Manual on the go!The extension allows you to look up a PHP function in the PHP Manual by r...