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    One-click Kittens

    This extension demonstrates a 'browser action' with kittens.This app will display some kitte...

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    One-click Image-Subbuzz

    This extension creates an Image-Subbuzz from online photo services.This extension creates an image s...

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    All in One Shopping

    Price Comparision on Flipkart, Amazon and 70 others.Add best coupons automatically with just a click...

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    One click to Tag anything

    Tag My Gift ExtensionThis addon is used to add the product in wishlist of users

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    Aliexpress Top One store

    This is best smartphone Aliexpress store, No custom duty for EU DHL shippingAliexpress Top One store...

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    one click

    Le plugin OneClick vous permet de tracker vos achats en ligne simplement.OneClick vous permet de sui...

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    Whois One-Click DNS Lookup

    Easily perform DNS Lookups from the navigation bar.The Whois® One-Click DNS extension for Chrome pro...

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    Whois One-Click WHOIS search

    Perform WHOIS lookups directly from the navigation bar on any domain that you are currently visiting...

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    One Click Salesforce Login

    Enables you to login in SalesForce ( with one click.This extension enables you to store mu...

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    All in one Html Compiler

    This extension for Beginners in AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Jquery and HTML5"All in one HTML...