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    DronesGlobe open in new tab

    This extension will redirect you to website when you click /Visit Website/ butto...

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    Open Panda Home Blog

    Open panda home blog in a new tabOpen Panda Home blog with one click.

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    Open Graph Preview

    This extension shows how people will see your site in the most popular social networksThis extension...

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    Open in GIMP photo editor

    Adds a context menu item to send images directly to GIMP photo editorOpen in GIMP photo editor exten...

  • 3.36评分
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    Open TortoiseSVN for Google Chrome™

    Extension to open a file directly in TortoiseSVN instead of in the browser.This extension enables yo...

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    Open Graph Inspector

    Opens up a popup after submitting the current URL to Facebook's open graph object debuggerFacebo...

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    OpenTabs - Open many tabs in 1 click

    A simple tool to open multiple tabs in single click. Useful to work with too many websites at a time...

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    Open with Binder

    Add an 'Open With Binder' icon to the toolbar to launch current GitHub repository on MyBinde...

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    Open iFrame

    Open iFrame in new tab.Add an "Open iFrame" item in right click menu.

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    Open In IntelliJ

    Open files from Chrome Devtools in IntelliJ IDEs (Webstorm, PHPStorm etc.)This is a Dev Tools Extens...