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    CRX Inspector

    Examine the inner workings of Chrome extensions.CRX Inspector lets you view the files inside Chrome...

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    Chrome extension source CRX

    View source code of Chrome extensions, Firefox addons or Opera extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from the Chr...

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    Get CRX

    Get source .crx extension file of any Chrome extensionInstantly get .crx source file of any Chrome e...

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    SM CRX


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    CRX Helper

    List CRX nodes.CRX Helper is a tool to help developers using Sling, Adobe CQ5 and CRX packages. For...

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    Creates an expandable Table-of-Contents on ANY web-page with headings== Starting == The extension&#3...

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    VigiSupport CRX

    This extension identifies phone numbers and allows the user to click the number to initiate a phonec...

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    An Unoffical Extension for Mozilla's TowTruck -- A Real-time Collaboration ServiceFor more info...

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    CRX Finder App

    CRX Finder App helps you download the Chrome Extension Files in .crx formatCRX Finder App helps you...

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    CRX Mouse

    Produtividade em navegação.Aumente a produtividade de navegação com atalhos de navegação de gesto do...