Steep and Cheap Countdown Timer Chrome 插件

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Steep and Cheap sells outdoor gear one screamin'(50-80% off) deal at a time until time runs out. (steepandcheap.com)Extension key features:
-Clean interface
-Desktop notification
-Sound alert
-Fast checkout
-Time remaining badge text

A covert ops Chrome extension for those who must keep a vigilant eye on the latest ODAT (One-Deal-At-a-Time) deals. This extension monitors steepandcheap.com and displays the time remaining for the current deal. You also have the option of receiving a desktop notification along with a customizable sound alert when a new deal is listed. For snagging fast selling items, the extension allows you to automate the website's checkout process.

Version 1.6.1
-Enables one-click checkout to speed up the checkout process
-more information here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz1X2vF7luI

Version 1.5.2
-Option to play a sound when a new deal is listed
-Performance improvements

Version 1.4.6
-Updated popups to use Chrome Desktop Notifications. This removes the need for the extension to access all browsing data and history. It now only needs access to www.steepandcheap.com.
-Popups are now disabled by default. Enable them in the extensions options.

Version 1.4.1
-The extension now includes a popup bubble that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the website you are browsing whenever the item changes.
-Link to Steep and Cheap history to view past items offered on the site.
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