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Generates summaries for youtube videos using ChatGPTYoutubeDigest uses ChatGPT AI to summarize youtube videos. 
It's a great productivity tool to know the summary of a video before watching it to save time. 

You can specify the settings needed for the summary like: 
- Provide the summary as single paragraph (tl;dr;) 
- Provide the summary as bullet points. 
- Provide the summary as layered bullet points with video chapters. 
- Provide the summary as an article

- The extension also has the ability to summarize from any language to any other language.

- You can export the summary as pdf, docx or text. 
Do I need a chatgpt account to run this extension ? 
Yes, the extension requires that the user has a chatGPT account in order for it to work. 
Is this extension able to summarize videos without youtube transcript ? 
No, right now the video must have a transcript, but this will change in the future. 
Does it only work for youtube ? 
That is correct, but we can extend that. If you have any requests, please add it in the support tab. 
How can I request adding a new language ? 
Please request the new language from the support tab and we will try to prioritize it. 

Release notes: 
- Add initial support for text to speech. 
- Fix the article generation summary. 
- Add caching for the summary in local storage so that other users can use it. 
- Add timestamps for bullet point summary. 
- Improve the quality of the summary for bullet points and layered bullet points. 
- Show partial layered bullet points summary instead of waiting till one bullet point is complete.
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