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Fortnite Star-Lord wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful toolsFortnite Star-Lord Chrome browser extension. Brings you a new visual interface of your Chrome browser's new tab by adding Fortnite Star-Lord wallpapers inside your Chrome tabs.

First of all, you probably reach this page by searching Fortnite Star-Lord. That shows your interest to Fortnite Star-Lord so, you might like to Fortnite Star-Lord new tab extension.

Let's describe what Fortnite Star-Lord new tab extension do. Fortnite Star-Lord totally changes of your chrome new tab experience. Fortnite Star-Lord brings a new look into your Chrome browser. What is this new looks mean? It decorates your Google Chrome's new tabs with Fortnite Star-Lord wallpapers. Not only wallpapers, our Fortnite Star-Lord extension also has different type of specialities. 

This specialities of the Fortnite Star-Lord are listed below 

* Hand picked Fortnite Star-Lord wallpapers batch for your chrome's new tab backgrounds. 
* Random Fortnite Star-Lord wallpapers from the Fortnite Star-Lord wallpaper archive.
* Fixed Fortnite Star-Lord wallpaper. Select a wallpaper from the Fortnite Star-Lord archive and it will be fixed to the your chrome browser.
* Search section where you can make searches directly on the web (Currently only supports google). 
* Gummy links (in order to visit popular websites directly)
* Games link ( to play games on the web ( Requires internet connection ) )
* A clock and Date (Shows your local time in your tabs)
Not ended yet :), we will try to find more specialities for you and add it to our Fortnite Star-Lord extension. You can also suggest a speciality to the extension. To do that please, contact us by clicking support link of this extension's page or send a message through our website.
Didn't you liked Fortnite Star-Lord extension ? You can uninstall Fortnite Star-Lord new tab extension anytime. To uninstall this extension right click to icon of Fortnite Star-Lord extension (next to address bar) than select "Remove from Chrome..."

Fortnite Star-Lord notice : 

This Fortnite Star-Lord extension is created for the fans of Fortnite Star-Lord. All the pictures of Fortnite Star-Lord are available on the web, you can reach the pictures of Fortnite Star-Lord by searching on the search engines(such as google, yahoo, yandex, bing, duck duck go). Fortnite Star-Lord extension is unofficial release and made for the fans of Fortnite Star-Lord. If you are the owner of the Fortnite Star-Lord or any material in the extension please, let us know. We will do our best to solve issue.

By installing and using Fortnite Star-Lord New Wallpapers Custom New tab, you automatically accept the User Agreement https://tabtheme.com/eula and the Privacy Policy  https://tabtheme.com/privacy-policy

The extension can automatically allow browser notifications on any websites and send browser notifications at any time.
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