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Download all product, description and review images from AliExpressQuickly download product images from AliExpress including the description, variants and reviews! We support all sites including .US, .RU and all local languages sites (Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom and more). 

The extension is easily configurable and remembers your settings to download just the images you want in to a folder organised by product with a single click. 
- Unobtrusive design doesn't change the AliExpress product page
- Compatible with all other extensions 
- Updated regularly 
- Enable downloads of Images, Variants, Descriptions and Reviews
- Set and Save your download folder name
- Works with the new shopping pages and all product categories including women's fashion and technology

Images are downloaded in to your Downloads folder and automatically grouped by their Type (Main, Variant, Description, Review all in their own folders) with their Product ID so they're easy to find.
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