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UnderlineMe - Simple text annotation for any webpage or PDFUnderlineMe is a simple browser extension for saving text snippets from any page. Used by University Students, Analysts, Content curators and everyone in between for research.

[IMP]UnderlineMe is a paid extension. Please purchase your license key from [underlineme.com](http://underlineme.com/)

Take notes, bookmark pages and highlight text on any page. Comes with basic online PDF annotation support too. Comes with a Simple User Interface to browse all your notes from the extension itself. Your notes are automatically grouped via domains. Full text search is available too. Doesn't matter if you have 10 notes or 1000 notes, the User Interface is smooth as butter.

—- Features —-
✔ Realtime sync across extension installs and the online dashboard
✔ Basic PDF annotation functionality
✔ Add comments on highlights
✔ Categorize annotations by Buckets. Choose a color for your bucket
✔ Sleek User Interface with full text search.
✔ Ctrl+Z to quickly undo notes on the current page
✔ Privacy focused, doesn't demand advanced extension permissions to run.

—- FAQ —-

❓ This is too pricey - Unlike other apps of similar stature, UnderlineMe currently charges you a flat amount once instead of a small fee every month. Because of this I priced it higher to be competitive vis other apps.
❓ Why is this not free - UnderlineMe is a very new product and to ensure its survival I need to charge money for it. There are many highlighter tools on the Chrome webstore that are free but haven't been updated since ages. By charging for it, I can ensure that UnderlineMe stays alive and keeps receiving continuous updates.
❓ Why is there no trial mode - Trial mode is coming soon in a future update. If you wish to wait for the trail mode, subscribe to our updates from [underlineme.com/contact](http://underlineme.com/contact) and we'll send you an email notification when trial mode arrives.
❓ You only need to pay once and get access to the tool? - Yep, that's correct. UnderlineMe will be switching over to a monthly subscription model soon so get it now and its your forever!👉🏻
❓ What if I don't like this tool - No problem, please contact me through the in-built form or at shash@underlineme.com for a refund and if you have purchased in the last 30 days, you'll automatically get a refund, no questions asked.

Any questions? Shoot me a message at underlineme.com/contact or get in touch on Twitter @underlinemapp
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