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通过实时获取有关站点可靠性的信息,在浏览 Internet 时保持安全。Forewarned is forearmed

✔ Defend yourself and your family from online scammers.
✔ Get information about the safety level of the website in real time.
✔ Enter your card details only on certified websites.

Web Risk Info helps you to stay safe on the Internet. This extension checks visiting websites and warns you in real time in danger.
Smileys in your browser warn you immediately in danger:

● Red face means alarm, urgent evacuation!
● Yellow smiley means the world is compelling but be careful.
● Green face means you are safe and the situation is safely!

You will be the most informed on the risks of visiting any site by choosing Web Risk Info.
Web Risk Info provides an overall risk assessment in real time demonstrating danger level due to automatic analysis of the ratings of the websites in the most popular independent sources.

Because of imperfect algorithms similar extensions, can suddenly block access to your favourite sites. In contrast to them Web Risk Info only informs and provides the user with absolute free choice.

A big bonus of this small extension is rapid working with low RAM and CPU usage!

This extension uses permissions that produce the following browser messages to perform necessary functions within the extension:

● “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit”
Shown for permissions needed for detecting online risks on all types of pages you browse.

● “Read your browsing history”
Shown for permissions needed for displaying site safety rating information reliably during tab manipulations

● “Display notifications”
Shown for permissions needed for showing important  alerts

This extension also uses permissions that are not displayed in browser for performing certain functions within the extension:

● “webRequest” and “webRequestBlocking” permissions
Needed for accessing low-level data when browsing websites to help recognize certain threats.

● "tabs" permissions
Needed for displaying site safety rating information during tab manipulations

Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using Web Risk Info
Privacy Policy: https://webrisk.info/privacy
Terms of Use: https://webrisk.info/terms
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