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View source code of Chrome extensions, Firefox addons or Opera extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from the Chrome web store and elsewhere.View the source code of any Chrome extension in the Chrome Web store without installing it.

- Button at the Chrome Web store
  - Download extension as zip file
  - View source
- View source:
  - File name/type filter
  - Search in the file content (literal or regexp)
  - Automatic beautification (formatting) of code
  - Syntax highlighting
  - Show hashes (md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) of individual files
  - Image preview
  - View embedded zip files
  - View any zip file by URL or file chooser
  - View source of platform-specific extensions (such as Chrome OS-only extensions, or NaCl for a different architecture).
- Full support for incognito mode.
- Outputs public key and extension ID to the console.

Optional features (see options page):
- View source of Opera 15+ extensions or Firefox addons.
- "View extension source" contextmenu item on links to Chrome extensions
- View source of Chrome extensions outside the webstore. The View source button becomes visible when you select a CRX file for download.
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