Chrono Chrome 插件

 发布于2年前 阅读数 77

Tracks which websites you spend time on the most.Chrono tracks which websites you visit and displays the top visited websites of the day as well as a chart showing the percentage of time you spent in each category of websites. 

You can change the categories of the websites by just clicking on the category label next to the website.

These stats, along with some beautiful photographs, are displayed every time you open a new tab. This result in increased productivity as you become aware of how much time you spend on unproductive websites. 

Chrono respects your privacy and hence does not send ANY browsing data to ANY servers. All the data is stored on the computer where you installed the extension and isn't accessible to us or any third party.
名称 Chrono
平台 Chrome
评分 4.76
评分人数 25
作者 ClinchPad
插件主页 https://www.clinchpad.com
版本号 1.0.3
大小 16.4 MB
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更新时间 2014-05-05 00:00:00