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PHP 5.5 documentation in a popupPHP 5.5 documentation in 8 languages always available right in your browser.

Our Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/110711963366840519592

Finally, version 2.0 arrived! Extremely fast NaCl-powered search engine with fuzzy search implemented out of the box, able to search 9527 PHP 5.5 methods under 25ms. 

Last update: 2.0.0 - Nov 6th 2012. Noticeable changes:
 - NaCl-powered search engine + IndexedDB
 - entire PHP 5.5 documentation including all methods and classes (total 9527 terms)
 - added hotkey to open the popup. Shift+Alt+F by default.
 - many formating bug fixes (better displaying tables and lists, eg. preg_match, file_put_contents)
 - many parser related bug fixes
 - some design enhancements (colors, syntax highlighting, ...)
 - popup is 100px wider

If you have any feature suggestions or if you find a bug, please add an issue at http://goo.gl/cf0jk.
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