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Experience the future of search with generative AISearch less, find and create more with generative AI apps supercharging your search and helping you write better, code better, and design better.

At, we believe that you should control your search experience without compromising your privacy. Our extension allows you to:

• Set YouChat as your default to experience the future of search now
• Quickly access generative AI apps powered by OpenAI models (such as GPT-3) and Stable Diffusion to write, code, and design
• Switch between several search engines as your default
• Choose and get protection from being tracked online and having your data from being sold to advertisers

🔍 Search across 4 different search engines with this extension:

• a private search engine without ads that you can customize with 150+ apps.
• YouChat: a conversational AI interface to get answers and generate content with the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence
• YouCode: a coding search engine custom-made to include 20+ coding resources.
• And Google, if you're not ready to use as your default but want quick access to it

✨ Features

• PRIVACY FIRST: Install this extension, and we'll set your default search engine to on Chrome. Although the extension asks for specific permissions, those will only be used to set your default search engine and protect you from being tracked online, targeted ads, and data sharing. The extension is open-source, so you can verify the permissions we are asking for. We also offer a private, zero-trace mode and a default manual setup.
• CUSTOMIZE YOUR SEARCH EXPERIENCE with 200+ sources (apps). Choose what you want to see by clicking "thumbs up" on sources like Medium, Reddit, etc, and we'll prioritize them in your results.
• ACCOMPLISH MORE, FASTER: Use time-saving generative AI apps like YouWrite, Code Complete, and YouImagine to have AI write an essay or code snippet for you.
• Use !bangs shortcuts to instantly search other sites from the address bar.

💻 YouCode Features

YouCode is a search engine for coders created by Its goal is to help you code faster. It turns your search engine into a powerful code finder that surfaces the best code examples and snippets from the web and 20+ coding sources (apps).

• DISCOVER, COPY/PASTE CODE: Search across 20+ coding apps like StackOverflow, GitHub with a single query, saving you time to focus on problems you haven't solved yet. Easily copy & paste code snippets right from the search results.
• CODE WITH AI ASSISTANCE: Use Code Complete, an AI-powered coding tool that writes code using an extensive neural network language model.
• FORMAT CODE: Format any JSON file with a JSON Syntax Validator app right in the search results.
• STAY IN THE FLOW: Without ads in our search, every result is value-based.

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💡 More About was founded by Richard Socher, the former Chief Scientist at Salesforce and a top NLP researcher, and Bryan McCann, who led AI teams at Salesforce. debuted on Product Hunt in November 2021 and was featured in the pages of the Washington Post, Forbes, TechCrunch, and many other publications.
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