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An easy eye dropper tool that uses a magnifying loupe to find and pick colors from web pagesQuickly grab the RGB, hex or HSL color values for any pixel in a web page.  Unlike most eye droppers, this one magnifies the area of the page you are picking colors from, making it super easy to get exactly the color you want!

It's so fun, you won't want to stop picking colors!

Once you've activated the Awesome Color Picker by hitting the button in your tool bar, you can:
+ Examine the page with your mouse 
+ Click to copy the current color to your clipboard
+ Hit the space bar to switch what format the color is copied as, (e.g. RGB vs. hex)
+ Hit the minus or plus keys to change the size of the magnifying loupe
+ Hit the number keys (1-9) to set the zoom level of the loupe (not all zooms available at all loupe sizes)

If you want to see the past colors you've saved, right click on the Awesome Color Picker toolbar icon and choose "options".

Requires two permissions.  It needs access to your data on all websites in order to get the pixel data.  It never uses this data in any other way, and never sends anything about you to its own servers.  It respects your privacy!   It needs access to your tabs and browsing activity in order to know when tabs have changed and if it can be run on a given tab.

I HAVE NOT TESTED ON A HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAY (like Apple's Retina screens), so I'd avoid this extension until I have the time to do that.  A.K.A. until I get a HiDPI Laptop. I'm not sure if it will make a difference in how this works, but just in case.
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