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The easy button for conscious shopping!goodbuy is a browser extension that makes it ridiculously simple to shop what you want and support who you want.

goodbuy automatically intercepts all your online shopping searches (think mega-retailers), and diverts you to the same products from over 175,000 small businesses. 

Our database has over 19 million products to ensure you get exactly what you need, the moment you need it, (and BONUS!) it’ll be from a values-aligned small business. 

A never-been-done-before tool, that meets you everywhere that you shop already. 

So, how does the goodbuy browser extension actually work after you download it? 

Say you need a water bottle (or any other product from any other category).

1. You go online, to whatever retailer or search engine you always go to, and search for the water bottle. 

2. The goodbuy widget pops up showing you that exact same water bottle (or very similar) from a small, values-aligned business. 

3. Click the product, add to cart, and applause––you’ve made a goodbuy! 

You’ve got a product you need. We’ve got the small business you want to buy it from… Faster that you can say “add to cart”!

We’re on a mission to make shopping feel good by making conscious shopping easy. 

To unite the small business community and bring next-level visibility to these exceptionally rad underdogs. To allow the consumers that give a damn to put their money into the communities they support. To do it simply, with a tool that meets the moment and the movement.

Shop small. Shop easily. Shop what matters to you. Get started with over 175,000 small businesses and over 19 million products.
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