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扩展ID: ifcdhhlnaaihchkholamfojcifehgjkd

Scroll endlessly on Designer News without having to click 'Next' like some kind of savage.View more content without leaving Designer News.

Works with:

• Top Stories
• Recent Stories
• Discussion

1.0.3 Update:
• Fixed errors resulting from new Designer News layout.

1.0.2 Update:
• New loading icons instead of just 'Loading'. Hello professionalism, goodbye amateur hour.

1.0.1 Update:
• Corrected error with upvoting dynamically loaded stories.
名称 Designer News Infinite Scroll
插件标识 ifcdhhlnaaihchkholamfojcifehgjkd
平台 Chrome
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作者 Joshua Turner
版本号 1.0.3
大小 122 KB
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