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Easily record screen, tab or window and save video in one clickImprove your browser with awesome and free extension. Screen recorder has simple and user-friendly interface and saves the video really fast, so you won`t waste your time. We`ve got ad-free and reliable extension for you to record your screen in simple manner. Extension has no hidden scripts to steal your data or mess with your device. If you need simple and reliable screen video recorder then this extension is what you were looking for. It`s pretty easy to work with this extension and it doesn`t weigh a lot. Extension is designed for one thing only - record screen in high quality. You`ve got a task to record your screen and we`ve got an answer – new screen capture extension. Record, edit and share your professional-looking videos instantly. Installation process needs no explanations – just one click and done. You can capture your desktop, the whole screen, current chrome tab or any other tabs from the list. Adjust all the setting in screen recorder in accordance to your needs and let`s get started. The extension is absolutely free, has no ads and no watermarks on recording. Screen video recorder will give your exactly what you were looking for. It`s just a simple and reliable extension that works flawlessly. High quality screen capture and fast video saving is provided by the extension. Don`t hesitate and join the community of satisfied users.
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