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A passive scanning tool for finding expired domain vulnerabilites while you browse.A Chrome extension which detects expired domains in webpage resources (such as external images, CSS, and JavaScript) while you browse. Once detected it alerts you to the details and offers multiple ways to verify that the domain is expired. These vulnerabilities often allow for hijacking of the vulnerable webpage.

Useful for penetration testers and auditors who wish to automatically identify these vulnerabilities passively while they browse.

Reason for various permissions requested by extension:
* webRequest: Required to hook the onErrorOcurred function in Chrome to detect when a resource load has resulted in a network error occurring (e.g. "net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED").
* webRequestBlocking: Required to block and add headers for certain domain availability querying APIs (e.g. add Origin header).
* <all_urls>: Required because we have to be able to detect failed network loads for resources from any domain/URL.
名称 PERS - The Passive Expired Resource Scanner
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