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Gmail Tracker - #1 Email Tracker For Gmail.GTracker is best free email tracker for gmail.

Gtracker lets you track the emails you send with Gmail to know when they are opened.

★ Simple gmail tracker extension, It can also provide practical email sending capability.

This extension interacts with gmail in the following two places:
- When you click the email sending page, a new "Tracker" button will appear.
- You can make some additional settings on the Tracker, such as the regular email sending function.
- In the label tab, you can see the report on whether the mail has been opened.

Nothing more. 

The gmail tracker extension Features:

★ Free and unlimited

    Gtracker is a 100% free email tracker. There is no online setting for email tracking.
    Believe this tool will be helpful to your work

★ Doesn't read or store your emails

    The extension will only record the number of tracking emails that have been sent. 
    In addition, it will never read or store your email content, so it is absolutely safe.

Finally, Hope the extension can bring you a better working experience.

GTracker is an independent project and has no relationship to Google Inc.

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