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扩展ID: miogdaopejcmpcjhkdaflnkcafghgkfc

Implements a variety of features to improve both the Steam Community and trading for CS:GO.CS:GO Trade Helper improves the appearance of Steam pages and, in various ways, assists trading in CS:GO through the Steam Community website. For more information, visit https://i7xx.xyz/helper

This extension is open source: https://github.com/Rob--/CS-GO-Trade-Helper

- utilised a hidden Steam feature to enable upvoting on user profiles

- improved aesthetics on Steam Community

- ability to see fade percentages, case hardened tiers and Doppler phases for items quickly inside a trade offer or on an inventory page

- floats appear near instantly with huge thanks to csgo.exchange

- improved functionality within trade offers (summary of items inside the trade offer, item quantity, total price, ability to quickly add a large number of keys, take all items on the page, shortcuts to csgo.exchange showcases and metjm.net screenshots, quickly see float values and item prices)

- improved functionality on the market page (quick links to float value and screenshots, stickers listed inline)

- improved functionality on trade offers page (ability to quickly summarise trade offers and view total price, item quantity and types, stickers, float value)

- improved functionality on the invites page (view total inventory value and view SteamREP.com status)

- improved functionality on 'friends' pages (search friend's items)

- improved functionality on profile page (improved aesthetics, verification for important and/or high tier profiles)

- notifications for new profile comments, new friend invites, new trade offers and new items

- verification flairs for high tier trades/profiles

- scammer verification (scammers are evident and are marked with red backgrounds and red flairs on the invites page and on their profiles)

- multiple pricing sourcing options

- quick sell button to assist in selling items quickly and list them at the lowest price on the market



- cookies: to allow the extension to automatically accept empty trade offers (when the setting is enabled)

- tabs: to communicate with a background script and tabs open on Steam Community

- storage: to save settings

- notifications: to provide notifications for comments/invites/items/trade offers

- webRequest/webRequestBlocking: to alter headers to enable CORS


For more information, add me on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/i7xx) or visit the website (https://i7xx.xyz/helper)
名称 CS:GO Trade Helper
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