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Embed a fullscreen iframe into your new tab page.This extension allows you to embed a full screen iframe into your new tab page containing a website of your choice. By embedding a website as opposed to redirecting to a URL, you don't have to wait for the tab to load before typing anything into the search bar. Additionally, the address bar will keep its focus (unlike on redirect), allowing you to start typing immediately without having to click anything.Optionally you can also prevent the iframe from scrolling to hide any scrollbars.
However because this extension uses an iframe, not all websites will allow themselves to be embedded. Notably this includes websites like google.com and many other big-name service providers that would rather you visit their sites directly. 
This project is open source and is released under the MIT license, with the source code available at https://github.com/IdreesInc/IFrame-New-Tab
名称 IFrame New Tab
插件标识 odhjpfjdlmcoajgnphnpnkapienploji
平台 Chrome
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