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Diagnostic Extension to help identify Akamai debug headers for a given site.Diagnostic Tool for Akamai Networks, provided by Exceda: http://exceda.com

Updated to work with Chrome v30 (beta)

The Exceda Akamai Headers Extension will allow you to view debug headers for your site that is using Akamai as its CDN.  Simply navigate to the site you own, and an icon will appear.  Click on it to receive debugging information - as well as a quick link to refresh the content in the Akamai cache. (Akamai Luna Control User with appropriate permissions required for this to function).   By default the extension will run on all URLs visited by your browser.  To stop this behavior, you can either choose to turn off the extension, or add a series of URLs to a whitelist.  The extension will then only run for those sites.

For a given site, you can also now view the caching headers for any asset on the page via the Web Inspector.  Just simply find the resource on the resource tab after it has loaded, select it and you will see the caching headers - if they are set - here.
名称 Exceda Akamai Headers Extension
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