HTTPS Mixed Content Locator Chrome 插件

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Easily locate and identify mixed content on any HTTPS site.The HTTPS Mixed Content Locator Chrome Extension will help you identify the mixed content on your page so that you quickly complete migrating your site from HTTP to HTTPS. The extension supports identifying the following mixed content:
Passive Mixed Content (have http:// urls in their src attribute)
- img
- audio
- video
- source
Active Mixed Content
- iframe (with http:// url in the src attribute)
- script (with http:// url in the src attribute)
- object (with http:// url in the data attribute)
- link (with rel="stylesheet")
The extension allows you to visually locate all passive mixed content on the page as well as copy the url of the insecure element for all mixed content.

Note: Chrome will need to be restarted after installation to have the extension work as intended.
名称 HTTPS Mixed Content Locator
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