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New infinite scrolling for Dribbble recent page based on ID fetching. Other standard enhancements included!** Project is not updating for a long time - if you find it useful, and want more - let me know ;) **

Infinite recents page for Dribbble.com!

Now you can scroll feed up to the very end! No 20 pages limitation - browse as long as you want!

Thanks to loading shots by ID, not by pages.

Offset you've reached is stored in the URL, so you can add bookmark and next time start right where you stopped to go even deepen in history!


Important limitation: Dribbble has it's own limitation on total page views count. Every shot is loaded from server as a separate link, not as a page with bunch of links in one. So at some point you'll face 403 error. Extension handles short term 403 error when you're "benched for a minute". But when finally you'll be "benched for a day", there is nothing we can do :) Add page URL to bookmarks and come back next day!

BTW, even when you switch page one by one in default Dribbble viewer, you'll face those limitation quickly :)
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