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download svg from any websiteSVG Downloader - Download SVGs from any Website with one click.
Support download svg as png and jpg.

Tired of struggling to download SVG images on websites? SVG Downloader makes it easy to collect, view and download SVGs with just one click.

How It Works:

- Click the SVG Downloader extension icon on any webpage to instantly extract all the SVG images into a new tab
- Preview the SVGs, copy SVG code, download individual images or bulk download all SVGs
- View detailed SVG info and edit SVGs before downloading.

Key Features:

- One click to grab all SVGs on any website
- Preview and select SVGs to download
- Bulk download or individual image downloads
- Copy SVG code snippets
- View and edit SVGs before downloading
- Lightweight extension, easy to use.

No more wasting time trying to save SVGs one by one. With SVG Downloader, export all the SVGs you need with a single click. The perfect tool for designers, developers and bloggers who work with SVG images.

Use SVG Downloader to simplify your workflow today!
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