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This extension exports Aliexpress cart products title, URL, Quantity, Color, Size and other attributes into Excel/CSV fileUses:
1- Share the links of items you want to buy with anyone, where they can buy on your behalf; an awesome solution for those who are working with buying agents in China, dropshipping,  online shopping services, proxy buying services, online personal shoppers, etc.
2- Share your Aliexpress items with sourcing agents in China to find similar items on Taobao, 1688, or other Chinese wholesale websites. 
3- Collaborate with your family or team members about what items you need to buy.
4- Save the cart information on your local computer to buy them in the future. 
And many others!

The extension exports the file into CSV format, which is similar to the Excel format. If you want to convert the CSV into Excel, you can simply use Microsoft Office Excel to open the CSV file, then click on “save as” and choose the Excel file format you want (likely XLS or XLSX).
This extension is FREE to use for everyone forever. The extension runs 100% on your browser/computer. All data are stored on your computer ONLY. We have no access to any data whatsoever. 
Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a review or simply emailing us. We would appreciate your rating and feedback to help us to improve our extension further. All reviews, from 1 to 5 stars, are welcome!

NOTE:  If you have many items in your cart, you must scroll down to the bottom until the end so that all the items in your cart shows up.  Then you can now click "Export to Excel/CSV" button.

Update v1.2:  Added column for total item cost.
* We are NOT affiliated with Aliexpress. This extension is independently developed to easily export Aliexpress cart data.
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