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Bringing Web 3 to EveryonePIP bridges Web 3.0 with traditional social platforms. Utilizing Solana blockchain, PIP allows users to seamlessly send & receive crypto, create & trade Creator Tokens, interact NFTs with people on the most popular social networks.


- Multi-token support (Solana, USDC, PIP, Raydium, Serum, Bonfida and other Solana-based tokens)
- Send and Receive tokens via Solana Tag
- Send and Receive tokens on Twitter
- Send and Receive tokens on Twitch
- Send and Receive tokens on Reddit
- Reward Farming

Upcoming features

- Send and Receive tokens on Discord

How to get started:

1. Install PIP extension
2. Connect your Phantom wallet (if you don't have the account, sign up!)
3. Connect your Social media account

By using this service, you agree to PIP's Terms & Conditions available at [https://www.getpip.com/terms](https://www.getpip.com/terms)

PIP is not a crypto wallet. It does not hold user's funds. PIP connects wallets like Phantom and relays transactions for a seamless web experience.
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