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This is Language speaking and learing chrom extension it converts your voice to chatGPT text and his response into speech.This is DialogusAI google extension, where you can have conversational exchanges with the world's most advanced text processing AI ChatGPT.

Simply use your voice to ask AI any question, and get a response.
With its vast knowledge base and ability to understand and respond to complex queries.

AI is the perfect companion for engaging conversations on any topic best thing you can tell him and choose on witch language you want to talk and then tall him the level of your knowlage of specific language.

It is a great tool to quickly and easily speak on other languages  with just a click, DialogusAI and ChatGPT is the ideal app for multilingual conversations.

Just Allow it to use your microfon click OK and have fun

PRIVACY NOTICE: All voice processing is done in browser and NO recordings or data is sent anywhere else except the chatGPT chat window. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions:
@stefan_ljuti on twitter
名称 DialogusAI - Learn Language by talking to AI
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