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Scrape, monitor, and automate any website in 2 minutes.Train a robot to scrape any website in 2 mins with no-code.

Automate any repetitive web data extraction task you do on the web. Never again spend hours monitoring your competitor's site regularly to extract pricing information. Your time is more valuable than that. 

Superpowers Browse AI will give you:
- Set up web scraping automations using an easy to use point-and-click interface.
- Download data as a spreadsheet or sync it with a Google Sheet.
- Run tasks on a schedule and monitor data for changes.
- Stream data into any other software using the Zapier integration or REST API and webhooks.
- Turn any website into an API. Code examples are available in all popular languages.

Here is what some of the users say:

- "We've been using Browse AI and it has been phenomenal. It's the easiest scraper that we've ever used, and the ability to listen for changes is game-breaking. It now serves a core part of our business and saves us thousands of dollars per month. Can't wait to see what other features await us down the line!" 
Weiwei Li, CTO at marketplace startup

- "New favorite web tool is @BrowseAI. It’s like having a developer specializing in python scraping waiting for your ideas to write scripts. Lots of pre-made “tasks”, like pulling data from a company’s LinkedIn, Google Search results, and much more"
Dan Capelle, Managing Director at Synkun Inc.

- "Browse.AI has been immensely helpful as it enabled us to scrape live inventory data from our retailers that they are unwilling to provide to new vendors. This means my sales team knows who to call and when and saves immeasurable time."
Taylor McCarten, CEO at BinBreeze

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